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such a wonderful life

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Hey. Trying to figure this thing out. Having some

Okay, I got you added. Now you can read all about my exciting life on here, which is pretty much the same stuff I put on Myspace with maybe a few extra details people on there don't need to read about ;)

This is kind of difficult to figure out. Never fear! I will figure this out eventually..hahaha..

If you have any questions I might actually be smart enough to figure it out, we will see though.

Is AIM working for you? ImpossibleJessie is my sn if its working 4 ya.

hey, it's Li from ac_360_daily...may i be added? looks like we have a couple of things in common *nods*

Sure, of course I will add you :)

Aw, you just gave me the Anderson clip on CNN, I clicked on your profile and you seem like a neat fellow-Anderfangirl. Mind if I friend ya? :)

Of course I will add you, always up for having more Anderson friends!

Hey it's bloodflowsgreen, I renamed and when I did it dumped my friends lol add me back pls :D

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